Sea Stars Puzzle


Pieces: 1000
Size: 30″ x 24″
Photographer: Peter Doran
P/N: 40578

Sea Stars and Sand Dollars abound in this challenging 1000 piece beach puzzle.  From the photography of Peter Doran.

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4 reviews for Sea Stars Puzzle

  1. Sue Lehner

    “Sea Stars” was a difficult puzzle for me because it took so long to do. After you folks were kind enough to send this to me, when I called to tell you about a missing piece in “Rainbow Reef”. I enjoyed doing it but towards the end I kept thinking that there has to be some missing pieces again. but, there were no missing pieces. It turned out to be a very beautiful picture, and I had a terrific time putting both of them together. Looking forward to doing another one soon. Thank you.

  2. Lisa Gibney

    My son really enjoyed this puzzle. The quality of the puzzle pieces were outstanding…perfect size to pick up and made of hard material. The picture was clear and beautiful.

  3. Deborah Smith

    I love this puzzle, but it is the largest one I have done (1000 pieces) and I’ve been working on it since the first week of October 2018!!! Very difficult for me since all the colors blend so closely together. I think I am missing at least 1 piece, but since I’m not finished, I’m not sure yet! But I’m determined to push through and get it finished, hopefully before Christmas!!

  4. James DeLong

    While hard it is doable. You have to change your strategy as you build it.

    First the edges. While typically the easiest to do, I found I had one side at 23 inches, and the other at 25 inches. All pieces fit together perfectly. The only way to find the error was to build the inside and see what didn’t fit. That told me exactly where the problem was, but wasn’t discovered until I was 90% done.
    Then I attacked the large star fish. Isolate the pieces and use the box picture to match the angle to ID which piece belonged to which star fish arm. Same for the two small star fish.
    Then build each shells following the edges. You will then be able to fit some to the edge pieces. Watch the whites for minor variations.
    Last is all the sand that all looks alike. I isolated the pieces into 5 box tops. No tabs, 1 tab, 2 tabs, 3 tabs, and 4 tabs. The trial and error making the fits.
    Took longer than any I’ve done before and the box colors are more vibrant than the puzzle pieces, plus I found a number that would fit in more that one spot. Need to look at the values carefully.
    Not for the puzzle novice, but provides a challenge and sense of accomplishment when done! Would have given it a 5 star except for the color variations between the box and the pieces.

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