Great Lakes Nautical Chart Map Puzzle


Pieces: 1000
Size: 30″ x 24″
P/N: 20701

“Great Lakes” is a reproduction of a traditional nautical chart. In simple terms, a nautical chart is a map which covers an area of water and adjacent coastlines. These have been used for centuries by mariners for navigation. The Great Lakes consist of Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario. Located in the US and Canada, they form the largest group of freshwater lakes on Earth, containing 21% of the world’s surface fresh water. Lake Superior is the second largest lake in the world by area, and Lake Michigan is the largest lake that is entirely within one country. The total surface area is 94,250 square miles. The Great Lakes region has a total population of over 30 million. Due to their sea-like characteristics, the Great Lakes have long been referred to as inland seas. They connect to the Atlantic Ocean through the Saint
Lawrence River.

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4 reviews for Great Lakes Nautical Chart Map Puzzle

  1. Edward Maske

    I just came back from a trip around the Great Lakes. I put my feet into every one of the 5 Great Lakes so I now have a spiritual bonding with them. They are me and I am them. My friend just gave me this wonderful puzzle for Christmas and it was one of the most thoughtful and appropriate gifts I have been given in a long time. It is extraordinary and beautitiful, and brings me right back there. I cannot wait to get started to put it together. Thank you for producing such a very special item to be cherished. It will be a great 2020 indeed!

  2. Bower

    This puzzle is not for wimps! Luckily we both know different areas of the lakes and so we are probably doing better than most on getting it together. If you want one that will require you to use all of your patience and brains, this one is for you! We love working on it! Hopefully we will have it done in a week! Or two!

  3. Ken Simko

    Just ordered

  4. Ken Simko


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