Coastal Sunrise Puzzle


Size: 30″ x 24″
Photographer: Peter Doran
P/N: 40582

Our # 1 selling beach puzzle! This 1000 piece puzzle will give you many hours of fun as you put together the coastal sunrise.

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20 reviews for Coastal Sunrise Puzzle

  1. John Barwick

    I want to order a couple of puzzles and wonder if this is back in stock ?

  2. Heritage Puzzle

    Hi John,

    Back in stock today! Karen

  3. DrK

    Loved this puzzle, but (because?) it was a challenge.

  4. Claire Fahler

    Absolutely loved this puzzle! Initially, around Christmas I gave the wrong zip code, but the sales person corrected it. I received the puzzle in time. The person I had interaction was extremely helpful. I will definitely purchased more puzzles. Thanks!

  5. Renee

    Love is puzzle, enjoyed the challenge it provided.

  6. Trish

    This puzzle was a lot of fun and a challenge (which I want) to put together. It is very high quality and looks beautiful framed. My daughter purchased this as a birthday gift and I am so glad that I have found Heritage Puzzles. Can’t wait to get my next one!

  7. Sandy Scarboro

    This puzzle was a delight to work! Not only is it Gorgeous, it is high quality!! The pieces fit together tightly. (I’m a new puzzler, within the last year.) I have worked several puzzles and this one is by far my favorite!! Thank you for such a high quality puzzle at a great price!

  8. Jenniffer Johnson

    I would like to order a couple puzzles, will this one be instock soon?

  9. Kelsey

    When is this expected to be back in stock? Thank you

  10. Bob Endemann

    Can you tell me when this puzzle will be back in stock? We completed Coastal Moonrise and would like to add this to our collection.

  11. Heritage Puzzle

    Most likely it will be the end of May before we have stock again.

  12. Heritage Puzzle

    Most likely it will be end of May before it is back in stock.

  13. Heritage Puzzle

    most likely it will be end of May before it is back in stock.

  14. Anastasia

    When will this puzzle be back in stock?

  15. Heritage Puzzle

    We expect to have it back in stock Mid May. Sign up for our mailing list if you’ve not already done so and we’ll be sending out an email that we have puzzles back in stock.

  16. Sandy Scarboro

    One of my Absolute Favorite puzzles I’ve ever worked! Piece fit together tightly and high quality image!! I will be framing this one!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. Margaret Heath-Ringrose

    I wish I ordered this puzzle directly from you. I saw it on Amazon and ordered from there, thinking it’d be from Heritage. It was mailed to me in a crushed box, and the pieces are thin and don’t fit together well. Fair warning to Amazon shoppers: order from Heritage!

  18. Heritage Puzzle

    Yes, we are having trouble with Chinese companies pirating some of our images. We are trying to work with Amazon to get these companies shut down but every time we do, another one pops up. Please make sure you give the vendor you ordered from a negative review and report it to Amazon. You should also ask for your money back or to return the puzzle.

  19. Gail M

    This is the most challenging puzzle that I have worked on to date, which increased the fun of putting it together. The beach scene is so beautiful and natural, that you almost feel the breeze and hear the waves!

  20. Cynthia Moore

    I am about 3/4 through this one and it is very beautiful and challenging!! I highly recommend!

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