Shells of the Florida Gulf Coast


Pieces: 550
Size: 18″ x 24″
Artist: John & Jackie Leatherbury Douglass
P/N: 30510

This beautiful puzzle includes species of shells – both common and exotic – found on the Florida Gulf Coast.  Suitable for framing

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3 reviews for Shells of the Florida Gulf Coast

  1. Madeline

    This doesn’t even deserve one star. None of the pieces fit together. I tried doing the edge of the puzzle first and none of the puzzle pieces fit together perfectly and you have to force any to fit together so you never know if it’s correct or not. Would never recommend this brand or puzzle again.

  2. Heritage Puzzle

    Hi Madeline, on this puzzle, along with the others in this series, it is easier to do the middle of the puzzle first and then complete the edges last. It is very difficult to get the white border pieces in the correct spot. You should never have to force a puzzle piece into a spot. So I hope you held on to the puzzle and will give it another try doing the middle of the puzzle first.

  3. Silvia Barber

    Beautiful puzzle. Beautiful illustrations. Challenging but not impossible. I completed in a few hours. I like the educational aspect, I did not know any shell names! As per the above comment and reply, it would be impossible to start this puzzle from the edges: it’s an all around frame of tiny pieces in solid white. I started with the large center piece. The pieces fit very well together with little pressure. I might do it a couple more times before framing it.

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