Historic Wilmington


Pieces: 550
Size: 24″ x 18″
Photographer: Peter Doran
P/N: 40560

Photographer Peter Doran pays tribute to Historic Downtown Wilmington, NC in this fun 550 piece puzzle.

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2 reviews for Historic Wilmington

  1. Lee A Rutledge

    I now live in Wilmington and this one will be fun!
    This is an awesome company. I live very near the company. I noted it to the customer service person thinking maybe they had a shop to buy the puzzles. Unfortunately they do not have a stand alone shop but the lady offered to give me a tour of their facility the next time I am in town.

  2. Al Lockwood

    A beautiful scene and a very challenging puzzle. There are, in fact, three challenges: the harbor, the city, and the sky. What makes it even more difficult is that the photograph is not crisp, making it hard to decide whether a piece is adjoining another or not. In ways, this is a thousand-piece puzzle writ smaller. That said, strategic sorting and the occasional try-fifty-pieces approach yields a very rewarding result. I’d call this a perfect puzle for older folks like my wife and I, quarantined by the virus.

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